22 December, 2015

Merry Xmas and Happy 2016 from CAEM!

m25 system
Our fully modular shelving system for pharmacy shopfitting has beaten every sales expectations. Discover more: (metti una foto dalla newsletter pharmacaem)
- Click here to see pictures
- See the functionality in a video Medidrawer
- See our space analysis between OTC and Dispensary
25mm Shelving
M25 brings the improved efficiencies of a 25mm shelving system together with central back panel into the Uk.
Thanks to its highest quality standard, it aim at the modern convenience store evolution.
(immagine dalla newsletter m25)
- Download M25 brochure
- Visit SUPERMARKET Flickr Gallery
S50 50mm shelving
If you are a retailer in the Uk you probably have 50mm shelving across your stores. Ask CAEM how to develop your store image implementing S50 or to find the most efficient distribution model of shelving from manufacturing to your stores.
- Click here to see brochure
- Click here to see pictures
Wire Shelving
For the improved image of the modern retail experience Caem has developed a fully modular wire shelving system. Contact us for more informations.
- Click here to see brochure

CAEM UK Xmas Calendar
Due to our Christmas shutdown our last dispatch date for 2015 will be Tuesday 22nd December. Our first despatch date for 2016 will be Tuesday 5th January.

ADDRESS: UNIT 3 - Jamage Industrial Estate, Talke Pits
PHONE: +44 01782 794500
FAX: +44 01782 794501


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